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Why I Don't Have An Industry Niche As A Blog Writer (& What It Means For You)

You hear it all the time in the business world…

“Narrow down your niche.”

“Identify your niche.”

“Niche down.”

That’s the advice you hear so often and when I was first starting my business, this idea of niching down made me feel like that was the first thing I needed to do because it was the only way to succeed as a business owner.

I had heard all the things about identifying my ICA (ideal client avatar) and it was super tempting to do that before I ever took on any clients.

But something deep down inside me, urged me NOT to niche… not yet anyway. Instead, I decided to work with a few clients first and then see how I felt.

So I did. I took on 1:1 clients in lots of different industries to implement blog content in their business.

Real estate agents. AirBnb owners. Wedding planners. Business coaches. Graphic designers.

The list goes on.

After working with multiple people in multiple industries for a few months, I realized that niching down is NOT the only way to succeed in business.

In fact, I would argue that niching down (in some instances - not all) is a liability. Let me explain…

The Time I Almost Niched Down and Why I’m Glad I Didn’t

When I was first starting my business, I knew one thing: I wanted to write blogs.

I didn’t know who for or what it was going to look like, but I knew that’s what I wanted to do.

Personally, I have a huge passion for traveling and seeking out super cool spots that make the perfect Instagram pic (no shame in my ‘gram game) and I have a semi weird obsession with finding cute and unique AirBnbs to stay in.

Because of this passion and obsession of mine, I had the idea of marketing myself as a blog writer for Airbnb and vacation rental owners.

Super niche, huh?

From my research, I only found one other person who had a similar niche. So, I started pitching myself (again - no shame. I was V new and wasn’t above sending cold emails) to what I thought would be DREAM clients.

They had amazing rental properties and I was essentially pitching them on starting a blog that would act as an ultimate guide to their area.

A few people liked the idea and seemed interested and one (LOL) actually took me up on it!

What I didn’t really think through in the moment, was that half of these people didn’t even have a website for their property – they were using a third party rental site for their bookings.

So even if they were interested, they weren’t a good fit… at all. Because they didn’t have one or more of the 5 things you need before starting a blog for your business.

Finally, after lots of cold emails and little to no traction, I decided that I wasn’t going to market myself as *just* a blog writer for Airbnb and vacation rental owners.

Instead, I would market myself as a blog writer for business owners and if a potential client happens to be someone that has a rental property, great! But that wouldn’t be the only people I served.

Looking back, I can clearly identify that making that decision is what really allowed me to start seeing traction in my business.

The moment I stopped limiting myself to who I wanted to work with is when so many more opportunities presented themselves to me.

What This Means For You

Now, almost a year into my business, I continue to work with various clients in various industries.

With that, I talk with potential clients often and one of the first things they will typically ask me is if I've ever written for their industry before or if I have any samples I can share with them that relate to their industry.

Sometimes I do, so I’m happy to share those, but before I share any industry specific examples, I always explain this: hiring a writer that has experience in your industry isn’t always the answer to YOUR specific problem.

You don’t need a writer that has experience in your industry.

You need a writer that can adapt to the uniqueness of YOU and YOUR business.

You need a writer that is willing to do the research to get the facts they need for your project specifically.

You need a writer that can match YOUR voice and help you reach YOUR goals.

If I were to only write for one specific industry, there wouldn’t be much room left for creativity and uniqueness. I mean after all, my brain can only say the same things differently so many times.

And THAT is why I don’t industry niche as a blog writer.

By writing for various industries, I keep the line of creativity open and I’m able to write words that are specific and unique for you!

Don’t believe me? This is something I’m complimented on the most:

I’m not saying that niching is wrong or doesn’t work for some people - it definitely does! But sometimes choosing to work with someone who doesn't have a niche is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

So, the next time you’re looking to hire or outsource in your business, I encourage you to focus less on niche and more on who is a good FIT for you specifically.

- Natty


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