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Launching a New Website? Don’t Forget To Do THIS

When you’re starting a business, there’s typically a general checklist of things that go through your head:

✔️ file for an LLC

✔️ create your business bank account

✔️ define your ideal client

✔️ set up your social media platforms

✔️ build a website

I’m sure there’s more that could be added to that list, but generally speaking those are a few of the most common things that people think of when it comes to starting a business.

So, you’ll get to work on all of these things, pour your heart and soul into creating a beautiful website and finally press “publish” for the world to see!

WHOO. You did it – you’re officially in business… right?

Sure, this checklist of things can make you *feel* like you’re in business, but there’s often a piece that people forget about – especially when it comes to their website specifically.

Oftentimes, people think that they only need to have a website so that they’re seen as a professional online.

It tells your audience and anyone that randomly finds you that you are legit and you really do exist outside of social media.

It tells people who you are, what you do and how you do it.

All important things right? Of course!

For all of these reasons, I would say that yes, your website is a key necessity in business, especially if you want to build trust and convert people into paying clients.

❗️But my hot take is this: simply HAVING a website isn’t enough. ❗️

Building a beautiful website and publishing it for the world to see doesn’t do you much good if you don’t actively utilize your website AFTER it’s published.

Your website shouldn’t be treated as a one time thing that you check off of your business owner to-do list and call it a day.

YES, it’s a massive win to check that off your list and celebrate, but it’s not something that you want to mark off and never look at again.

Instead, it’s a key channel that you should look at and update frequently!

So, if you’re launching a new website soon – whether it be for the first time or as a refresh to your existing site – don’t forget to do THIS. ⬇️

An Overlooked Part of Most Websites

When you think about building a new website from scratch, you typically think about all of the core pages – Home, About, Services and Contact.

These are typically the core four pages and ARE super important as they make up a bulk of your site.

Writing and building those pages are no easy feat.

(I’ve recently experienced this myself and truly couldn’t have done it without the help of Site Series by BTL Copy.)

But aside from those core pages of your site, you also want to consider the REST of the content as well.

The content that provides information, education, resources and tangible tips for your audience to access at anyyyyy time they need.

The content in question? Blog content of course! ✨

I believe this is one of the most overlooked parts of any website.

It’s like you do all of the hard work to get your copy just right for all of the other pages, that you tend to forget about the other purpose of your website.

The core four pages of your website essentially conveys to your audience who you are, what you do and how you do it and serves as a place for people to get to know you better outside of Instagram or other social media platforms.

It’s also where you get to write more of your story, talk about how your business or brand came to be and dive deeper into your product or service offerings.

And while all of these things are true and your website IS a place for all of these things, your website’s purpose goes FAR beyond just this.

At its core, your website is THE place that can act as an ongoing content hub through your blog posts specifically so that your audience gets the utmost value for various topics.

THIS is the piece that so often gets overlooked and if you fail to include this piece of the website puzzle, you’re potentially missing out on so many opportunities.

Aside from serving your current audience in a deeper way and guiding them into their next best step (which could be buying from you!) you also increase your chance of ranking in search by 434% by blogging regularly – aka your website is more likely to be FOUND.

Which means that all of your hard work in creating your beautiful website could pay off more than you even imagined.

So, what does this look like?

The Homebase For ALL of Your Best Content

When business owners are first getting started with blog content in their business, they often struggle with adding one more thing to their plate. They feel like it’s an extra time consuming thing to do and they aren’t sure how to fit it in among everything else they have going on.

And I get it! I also want to make sure I’m spending my time wisely in my business.

And that’s the very reason I encourage people to start with their blog content FIRST and let that guide what you do everywhere else – thus saving you time.

This approach is what I like to call the Natty Blog Philosophy and it works like this:

Think of your blog like a house – NOT an apartment, meaning you own it and your best content lives there. 🏡

The rooms inside that house are like the categories or pillars that you create content around. 🛌 🛋

I encourage people to choose 3-5 content pillars for their blog and they are the overarching categories that all of your blog content will fall under.

Each of those rooms are filled with different items and all of those items are the actual topics that you create long form blog posts for. 📚

Arguably the best part about this house? It comes with a really good cleaning lady, which means that all of your content is organized and searchable for your audience, so they can easily find it anytime they need and it NEVER expires. 🧼

When you implement this approach with your blog content, ALL roads will lead to home!

This means that all of your other content, including Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, ads, email, etc., will lead your audience back to the platform that you own (your blog on your website), so they can receive ultimate value and easily be guided into their next best step. 🛣

Your home is truly THE place to be. It’s the one with the cool snacks, the pool, and the movie theater that everyone wants to be at – you know the one!

When you start viewing your blog like this and commit to starting with your long form content first, you’ll be able to work smarter (not harder) on your content creation as a whole because you’re starting with something that can be repurposed MANY ways without reinventing the wheel.

It’s truly a win-win for you as the content creator and for your audience.

Need Blog Content For Your New Website?

So, if you’re among the many who typically view their website as something that’s “one and done,” my hope is that you now see how your website is for far more than just showing people you’re professional and legit.

It’s not just about who you are, what you do and how you do it, but it’s also a place that further serves your audience through consistent and updated content.

It’s time business gets back to viewing websites as more than just something that populates on Google or the thing that you put as the link in your bio.

It’s THE ultimate place that your audience can go to get the solutions they need to their specific problems and be guided into the next best decision for them.

If you’re launching a new website soon – or if your current website is missing blog content – there’s a few ways I can help:

  • One-Week Blog Blitz ⚡️

The One-Week Blog Blitz is for you if you're launching a new website soon OR are launching your blog for the first time, so you can give your audience binge-worthy blog content right away!

It’s like a VIP week for your blog content and it goes like this:

Monday – kickoff call for blog strategy and topic ideation

Tuesday & Wednesday – I do my thing (ahem, writing) and you do yours!

Thursday – all blogs (6) are delivered to you via Google Doc

Friday – final tweaks and edits are made based on your feedback so you can publish right away

INQUIRE HERE for Blog Blitz availability!

The Blog Content Kickstart Kit was created for the person who already has a TON of content (via social media) but wants to get started with blogs in their business.

With the Kickstart Kit, you’ll receive:

✔️ 4 blog outlines based on your existing content

✔️ a 1:1 strategy and clarity call to give you confidence to blog in your business consistently

✔️and a quarter’s worth (up to 12) of additional blog content ideas that you can implement with ease.

CLICK HERE for all the details!

Here’s to treating your website like the main character that it deserves to be. 👏🏼

P.S. Looking for some hands-on help with launching your new website? I know a girl!

If you plan to go the DIY route like I did (ahem, new site coming soon 👀), I can’t recommend Site Series by BTL Copy enough – such a thorough program to help you write your website copy with ease.

*This blog post contains affiliate links, but I only ever recommend products or services that I love and have fully vetted!

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