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How Your Blog Content and Social Media Content Can Work Together

If you’re subscribed to Notes From Natty or you follow me on Instagram, you know that I got pretty fired up last week about putting your social media before your website.

This happened when Instagram experienced another weird glitch that caused many people’s stories to go *poof* after uploading.

It’s among many of the glitches we’ve experienced on the app recently and as a business owner or someone who’s trying to share value with your audience, this can be superrrr annoying.

And the worst part? There’s nothing you can do about it.

One of the things I constantly preach is that you have ZERO control over Instagram (or other social media platforms) which means that you’re really at the mercy of the app working properly.

It’s for this very reason that I will continue to preach the importance of OWNING your content and making sure it’s being housed in a place where you have ultimate control.

So how exactly do you do that? Your website - but more specifically blogs on your website!

Why Your Website Still Matters

I can’t tell you how many people I talk to who say “oh gosh, don’t look at my website!” or “I haven’t updated my website in such a long time.” 😳

And I get it - your website might feel like the last thing that needs your attention because social media has become so prevalent.

But I’m here to tell you friend that your website and the content on your website is no longer the thing that you can keep overlooking.

When everything else disappears (like Instagram) your website will be the thing that’s still there waiting for you.

It’s kind of like in high school when your best friend ditched you for a season to date the boy that definitely wasn’t good enough for her. Who was there when he broke her heart? YOU!

Well, your website is your new bestie and it’s time to start treating her as such. The way we do that is by putting her FIRST.

The Main Reason People Avoid Blogs In Their Business

What’s interesting is that a lot of people seem to avoid implementing blogs in their business because they view the content on their website and the content on their social media as two different things.

And maybe you can relate to that…

But I’m here to tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth!

Your blog content and your social media content ARE NOT separate and the reason for that is because regardless of the topics you’re creating content around, they all should come back to your ONE main message.

Will you have different topics for each of your platforms? Probably! But every single content piece, whether that’s a blog post, an email or a social post, should link back to your main message.

For example, my main message is that blogs aren’t dead and that people need them in their business! To get this message across, I create blog content centered around this main message every single week and all of those blogs guide what I post on social media and what I say in my weekly newsletters.

When you embrace the fact that your blog content and your social media content are perfect partners (like PB&J) then you’ll likely find that your ENTIRE content creation process is 10x easier because you aren’t creating from scratch every single time.

Instead, your long form content (aka your blogs) guide the rest of what you do and everything automatically feels much more cohesive for your audience!

When I talk to people who like the idea of blogs for their business, but are still a little hesitant, I often find that it’s because they’re thinking of their content like this:

They see all of their content as separate buckets, so it feels extremely overwhelming to create and keep up with.

But here’s how you can think of your content instead:

When your main message remains center stage, the rest of your content will stem from that!

To take this process even further, here’s what can happen when you start with your blog content first:

So, if you’ve been believing that blog content in your business is something completely separate from everything else, hopefully now you can see how it’s the very opposite!

There is a way for blog content in your business to be the very thing that guides the rest of what you do and makes the rest of your content creation easier.

They are THE thing that can provide ultimate value for your audience while also driving sales.

To help you get started with blog content in your business, here are a few (free) resources you can use:

If the DIY life isn’t really your thing and you’re looking for more hands-on support to bring your blog to life, the Blog Writing Starter Pack was created with you in mind.

With the Starter Pack, you’ll receive:

  • 4 blog outlines written based on your existing content

  • 1 month blog content plan based on a 1/week posting plan

  • PLUS title recommendations for each blog outline and topic

  • PLUS repurposing recommendations for each blog outline and topic

Click here for all of the details and to grab your spot!

Happy blogging!

- Natty

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