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Binge-worthy Business Blogs To Add To Your Reading List

As someone that writes blogs for a living, you can imagine how excited I get when I see other people blogging for their business.

It makes me absolutely giddy and most of the time I’ll bookmark them or subscribe to their newsletter so that I never miss a post.

Recently, I’ve found myself reading the same ones every week, so I thought it was time I share the business blogs that have recently caught my eye that provide massive value so that you can benefit from them too!

Binge-worthy Business Blogs

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably heard me talk about Sara from BTL Copy at least once. I found her a few months ago and she instantly became my business crush.

(I know she won’t find me saying that as weird. 😂)

I subscribed to her newsletter (you should too!), binged her entire blog (still do multiple times per month) and recently bought her new email marketing course (to continue leveling up my email writing skills) and I can honestly say that the amount of value that she brings to her free and paid resources is unlike anything I’ve ever seen!

She is a wealth of knowledge for copywriting, but really business in general, and every Tuesday morning when I see her pop up in my inbox, I know that it’s a “save until you have time to read” type of situation because there’s always a message that I want to take notes on so that I can fully implement all of the things that she so graciously gives away.

Sara is the ultimate hype girl and knows her stuff, so if you’re looking for copywriting tips, marketing advice or a funny read from an unapologetic and honest gal, visit the BTL blog!

If you have a blog for your business, one of the best things you can do for yourself is be active on Pinterest, which is why marketing on Pinterest is on the top of my list for something to start in Q2!

I really didn’t want to jump into this platform blindly, so I was super excited to find Sarah Burk. I found her around the same time I found BTL Sara and whaddya know - Sarah Burk is responsible for BTL Sara’s Pinterest game. I love when the internet works like this.

Sarah is full of Pinterest knowledge and I take notes every time she sends a newsletter (which ultimately leads to her blog). If marketing on Pinterest is also on your list, I encourage you to give her a follow and binge her blog here!

If you’ve ever heard someone talk about blogs, you’ve probably heard them mention SEO - search engine optimization. Even though I believe that blogging in your business is important for so many more reasons that *just* SEO, it’s still a big part of the puzzle, so to fully understand SEO and hone my skills, I turned to The Duo Collective.

I first found them when another writer friend posted about them, shortly after I bought one of their SEO courses and then fell even more in love with what they’re all about after I heard them on Jenna Kutcher’s podcast.

In the episode, they confirmed my belief that BLOGS AREN’T DEAD and spoke specifically on their zone of genius, which is SEO! I listen to their podcast weekly and I love that they turn each episode into a blog post.

If you’re looking to learn more about SEO, look no further - they’re your girls.

When I first found myself in the marketing world (ICYMI, I didn’t go to school for any of this 🤭) I learned A LOT from the marketing queen herself, Jenna Kutcher.

I recently started listening to her podcast again and I was reminded of the insane amount of information she has on her blog.

What I love so much about Jenna’s blog is that it’s packed full of value (she’s been at this for 10+ years!), which means it’s highly searchable and she has everything categorized, so you can filter and find the content that you specifically need.

Anytime I’m looking for something specific concerning marketing, I know I can most likely find it on her blog. And similar to The Duo Collective, Jenna turns each of her podcast episodes into a blog post, which is super helpful if you prefer to read like me!

Meet my business bestie, Nicole! We started our businesses around the same time and she’s my go-to any time I need to vent or need advice about anything in life or biz.

What I love so much about Nicole is that she has so much experience in marketing (she’s a former corporate gal and worked at DELTA ✈️) so she really knows her stuff and is very intentional with how she shows up in her business.

Everything Nicole does is well thought out, which is what makes all of her blog posts so great. I specifically love how she connects all of her topics to things that people can relate to, like popular books, trends on TikTok and even dating apps.

She’s a Squarespace Website designer, but has so much knowledge around branding as a whole, and since a new website and real branding is another thing on my list for 2023, I love learning from her!

Yes, my own blog is making this list because if you can’t be your biggest hype girl then who will?!

I like to say that the Natty Writes blog is the ultimate blog about blogs because it’s true. Every Wednesday you’ll find a new blog post and 9 times out of 10, it will be something about blogs or content writing because I believe that it’s one of the most overlooked parts of business.

If you’re not sure why your business should have a blog, read this.

If you understand the importance of a blog in your business, but aren’t sure how to get started, download this free Beginner’s Guide.

Does your business have a blog you think I might love? Send it my way - I’d love to take a look! And if I love it enough, I just might add it to this list. 🥰

Happy blog reading 📖

- Natty

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