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8 Ways You Can Repurpose Your Blog Posts WITHOUT Reinventing the Wheel

Updated: Feb 2

Lately I’ve been in conversation with multiple people who already have AMAZING content on their social media, but they want to make sure this content is being housed in a place they own - like blogs on their website.

This of course makes me so excited because as a blog and email writer, nothing makes me happier than people realizing the value in having blogs for their business.

But it also makes me a little sad… okay, maybe sad isn't the right word, but stay with me!

You see, all too often I see business owners or brands creating really great content that provides a ton of value, but the problem is that they're only posting it on social media.

The reason this is a problem (and I guess the reason it makes me sad) is that they’re putting so much time and energy into creating content, but they're putting it in a place where they don't ultimately own the content.

Think about it: do you remember Instagrams spooky scare this past Halloween? When they proved to us that we aren't really in control of our accounts, our content or our followers? Yeah, not fun. 👎🏼

Our social media could all disappear in the blink of an eye and we wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

In a world that’s obsessed with social media, as business owners and brands, we’re so extremely pressured to show up online (in a social media sense) that we often forget about the longevity of our content and overlook ways that our content can live on for years to come.


While having a social media presence is of course important, STARTING in a place where the content is YOURS (such as a blog on your website) and repurposing it to social media is a much better move than risking losing all of your best work in an instant.

And the really cool part? When you start with a long form piece of content first (like a blog post) you have the potential to turn that into EIGHT different pieces of content everywhere else.

So, if you committed to one blog post per week for one month, you would have the potential for 32 different content pieces WITHOUT reinventing the wheel!

Here’s what this can look like ⬇️

  • TikTok Video / Instagram Reel 💃🏼

With the rising popularity of TikTok, it’s totally understandable that you may want a presence on that app. If so, you can easily turn your blog into a long form TikTok video (2-3 minutes) OR hop on a fun trend to build curiosity and point people to your blog post.

Here’s an example of how I’ve done this in action: I took this blog post and turned it into this TikTok video!

Oh and as for Instagram reels? I know they say you aren’t supposed to just copy and paste what you do on TikTok to Instagram… but I don’t follow those rules. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Instagram Story Topic 🤳🏼

Every single time you post a blog, you can turn around and use that as an Instagram story topic. The KEY is that you aren’t giving alllllll of the juice in your stories - that’s your blog's job.

Instead, utilize polls or the quiz feature in stories to get people engaged and interested, give a short synopsis of what the blog post is about and point them to read the full story!

  • Podcast Episode 🎙

This one can be tricky because a podcast is another type of long form content (just like your blog post), so you don’t have to repurpose every single blog post into a podcast episode if you don't want to, but it can help you create new podcast topics without reinventing the wheel.

If you already have a podcast and a blog, one great rule of thumb would be to define what exactly your podcast is for and what exactly your blog is for. This will help you very clearly define the topics for each and release some of the pressure of wanting to make sure all topics are in both places.

If I had a podcast, I would continue to start with my blog posts first and then pull one nugget from the blog post to create my podcast episode.

For example, if I were to turn this blog into a podcast episode, I would likely talk about how to repurpose on Instagram specifically and then I would link this post in my show notes so that people could read about the other 7 ways of repurposing if they were interested!

  • Pinterest Pin 📌

Pinterest is another app that has gained a lot of popularity recently and if you have a blog, it is one of the easiest platforms to repurpose on and can be one of the biggest drivers to your website.

What people often don’t realize about Pinterest is that it’s a search engine, just like Google and YouTube, which means people are on the app searching for solutions.

If you have a product based business, I HIGHLY encourage you to utilize Pinterest as a piece of your marketing strategy, but even if you aren’t product based, it can be a great tool!

This is something I personally plan to implement in 2023 and the two people that I love to learn from for this are Let’s Get Social Agency and Sarah Burk.

  • LinkedIn Post 🟦

Like it or not, LinkedIn is making a comeback and no, it’s not just for stuffy corporate people. Big business, small businesses, start ups, freelancers, network marketers and everyone in between have a presence on LinkedIn and it’s a really great way to make connections with people who are LOOKING to hire.

While connecting with people on Instagram and TikTok can be cool and fun, you never really know if they’re serious or just curious. Can new random followers turn into customers? Of course! I’ve personally had it happen with 3 strangers in the past few weeks.

But the cool thing about LinkedIn is that the people you connect with on there are oftentimes looking for very specific help, so when you lean into this platform, create content that connects and start true conversations, you can see some amazing results!

Being consistent with LinkedIn is also on my 2023 list and my favorite person to learn all things LinkedIn from is Lindsay Mitrosilis.

  • Instagram Post 📲

Similar to how you can repurpose your blog into a TikTok video or Instagram reel, the same is true for static feed or carousel posts. While I know that Instagram tends to be favoring accounts with video content lately, I personally don’t let that determine if I create regular posts or not.

I do what feels right and what is going to serve my audience best without worrying too much about the algorithm. I mean let’s be real, the algorithm changes almost everyday, so what I do today might not work tomorrow, so why worry about it ya know?!

Here are a few examples of how I’ve done this recently: This blog post became this Instagram post. Oh, and remember the blog and TikTok video I linked above? I repurposed it as an Instagram carousel post too!

  • YouTube Video 🎬

I’ll be honest, I’ve never really been into the whole YouTube thing, but I know some people absolutely love it. If you’re one of those people, you can treat your YouTube video similar to the way I described how I would go about a podcast episode.

Another hot thing right now is YouTube Shorts, which is basically just TikTok and Reels. If you’re already creating TikTok videos or Instagram Reels, you can repurpose those on YouTube Shorts so that you are showing up on multiple platforms!

  • Email 💌

And finally, probably my second personal favorite falling right behind blogs: email.

Just like you don’t own your content on your social media account, you also don’t own your followers - meaning that any moment they can be taken from you.

It’s for this reason that people always say you need to have an email list and I 100% agree! If your social media followers disappeared today, you would still have a way to contact your people, serve them value and ultimately have them do business with you.

If you already have a blog, one of the easiest ways to show up in the inbox of your subscribers is to simply repurpose your blog into email form each time a new post goes live.

Again, the key is that you don’t give all the juice in the email itself! Instead, get them curious, deliver a quick win or tangible tip and keep them wanting more so that they’ll follow your CTA of reading your blog post.

Weekly emails is the FIRST thing I’ll be implementing in 2023, so if you want to receive Notes From Natty, go ahead and subscribe here!

If you’re not sure how to get started with an email list, I’ve learned SO MUCH about email marketing lately from Sarah at BTL Copy - her weekly email, Table of Contents, is so value packed and I’d highly recommend getting on that list!

Oh, and her blog is so totally binge worthy and has so much value - my role model, tbh 🤣

If you want to start an email list, but the technical side of things is holding you back, thank yourself later and use FloDesk! It’s so user friendly and their customizable templates make everything look so pretty. 😍 That link will get you 50% off your first year!

Last thing about emails - as a blog and email writer, I help people outsource this very thing! If you know it’s valuable and you have the content to do it, but you’re lacking the TIME to do it yourself, let’s chat to see if outsourcing would be a good fit.

Hopefully you can see how starting with blog content FIRST helps drive the rest of what you do WITHOUT reinventing the wheel.

At the end of the day, blogs help you work smarter, not harder and that’s what I’m all about, friend. 🎉

Happy Blogging!

- Natty

P.S. Know you need a blog in your biz, but need all the HALPPPP?! I got you! View my services or send me a DM to see what would be the best fit for you.

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