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7 Ways to Attract Your Ideal Client

I want to thank the oh-so-talented Natty for having me on her blog (seriously honored)!

Before we get into it, let me introduce myself:

I'm Karli DePanfilis, owner and the designer behind Flair by KD -- a brand and web design studio that helps instill confidence in women-owned wellness brands + entrepreneurs through thoughtful design.

Since I'm very passionate about helping my clients attract their ideal clients, I'm sharing seven ways to attract yours.

How to Attract Your Ideal Client

1. Establish your brand identity

Your brand identity directly reflects your values, mission, and overall vision for your brand. Think about the different brands that captivate and draw you in.

From the brand colors and illustrations to the imagery, it should align with your ideal client's interests and preferences and create an emotional connection.

When your branding is consistent, you're creating that memorable experience, and your ideal client will start to recognize your brand anytime they come across it.

2. Creating an optimized website

The easiest way to attract your ideal client is by having an optimized website. Not only should it be visually appealing, but your website should be easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and have all the essential information (and then some) for your ideal client to binge.

When creating an optimized website, you want to make it easy for the user to peruse. Use bigger, easily skimmable headlines throughout, and directly telling the user to "read more" or "get started" through prompt call-to-actions will create a more enjoyable experience.

I talk about how having a well-designed and functioning website impacts your business in this blog post.

3. Showcase your expertise

If you want to position yourself as an expert in your field, one thing you can do is showcase your expertise in a multitude of ways.

Here are a few ways to show how you can address their pain points with what you offer.

  • Use the services page, portfolio, case studies, and blog posts to provide helpful information throughout your website.

  • Create informative or educational content using reels or carousels that capture your ideal client's attention.

  • Showing up as the business owner on Instagram stories to walk them through your process, what it's like to work with you, and how your offerings can get them from A to B.

4. Show your personality

Whether scrolling the 'gram or reading an about page on a website, letting your personality shine is essential.

One thing we often forget to do as small business owners is show our personalities. That's one of the key ingredients to attracting your ideal client.

Here are a few ways you can infuse your personality into your brand:

  • Share your personal experiences, aka tell some stories that your ideal client could relate to

  • Speak to your audience in the way you want to be perceived (i.e., professional, sarcastic, funny)

  • Use your branding photos that capture your personality

5. Incorporate client testimonials

It usually takes a user up to eight touch points before they inquire about your services or make a purchase. People want to make sure that your service or product meets their needs.

And the best way to do that is by sharing positive feedback and client testimonials. As a web designer, I like to sprinkle them throughout the website in different spots so your ideal client can see the results achieved for previous clients or buyers.

You can also share them in your Instagram stories or in the captions of your posts in a case study format to guide your ideal client from start to finish.

6. Align your content

When it comes to your content, you want to align it with your ideal client in mind (always). Think about what will attract them. What's going to draw them in? How will you stand out from your competitors offering similar services or products?

I like to think about it by just speaking to one person. It makes creating content much more manageable and will help you focus on your messaging for your social media, email marketing, and website.

7. Diversify your platforms

Now, don't spread yourself too thin. But utilizing different platforms such as your website, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and email marketing allows you to reach your ideal client on a broader approach.

For example, I stick to marketing my business through my website, blogs, Instagram, Pinterest, and email marketing. The key is repurposing your content and adding to it depending on the platform.

It's crucial to figure out where your ideal client is hanging out and take advantage of getting in front of them on that specific platform.

Are you looking for a custom brand identity?

As I mentioned above, having an established brand identity creates an emotional bond with your ideal client and makes marketing your business much easier.

If you're looking for a custom brand identity that will attract your ideal client, I have just the offer for you! Check out my services here to learn more about my one-week brand intensive.

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