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5 Ways Blogs Can Boost Your Sales During Black Friday (And Beyond)

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Well friend, it’s that time of year again. November is here which means the world is about to be inundated with information on sales, promos, BOGO’s and everything in between.

It seems like each year the Black Friday and holiday sale talk gets earlier and earlier as retail stores and small business owners alike fight to be heard.

All year people have been scheming the different ways they can stand out this year and become the go-to option for purchasing during the holidays. And while discounts and fun promos can absolutely produce more sales for you during this time of year, those options only get you so far.

If you’re looking for long-term, committed and loyal REPEAT customers or clients, it may be time to consider one overlooked asset in your business that can boost your sales during Black Friday AND beyond 🚀

What’s that asset you may ask? Blog content 😏

Long-form content, including blog content, has become an overlooked piece of the puzzle for businesses and brands over the last few years, especially with the onset of social media and the constant want for instant gratification.

While a social media presence is of course something you want to have as a business owner, short-form content simply doesn’t provide the benefits that long-form content, like blog posts, provide.

It’s for that reason I encourage everyone to have BOTH and to make sure they work together cohesively, not separately!

I talk more about that process in the FREE Beginner’s Guide to Blogging For Your Business - you can download that HERE.

But back to those long-term, loyal repeat customers I mentioned!

5 Ways Blogs Can Boost Your Sales

1. Blogs Build Your Trust & Credibility

As a business owner, you have a LOT of knowledge and expertise in your industry. Because of that, it can sometimes be hard to display all of that knowledge in a short-form social media post.

Sure, someone can watch a TikTok video or read your latest Instagram carousel and walk away with a quick win, but to really dive deep and solve the problems of your audience, you often need to do that with long-form content.

Blogs are the perfect place to do this and allow you to create content on very specific topics that clearly provides the reader with answers to their questions and easy explanations of subjects that can sometimes be difficult to understand.

When you do this on a consistent basis, you create a content bank that is loaded with information and education which ultimately positions you as an expert in your industry and people will view you as a trusted source.

And you know what they say: business moves at the speed of trust 📈

2. Blogs Increase A Buyer’s Confidence

There are two types of buyers in the world: tortoises and hares. I’ll point you here for a more detailed breakdown of these buyer types, but essentially, tortoises are very slow buyers.

They need a lot of information and proof before pressing “purchase.” Hares on the other hand are fairly quick buyers and are more driven by FOMO.

Blogs on your website can actually benefit BOTH buyer types by providing information, education and all the knowledge a tortoise might need, while also showing hares that you’re legit and build quick connection so they feel comfortable moving forward quickly.

So, whether someone is a tortoise or a hare when it comes to buying, your blog can build their confidence and quickly increase the chance of them purchasing from you.

3. Blogs Allow For Very Clear Calls-to-action

You hear it all the time: “include a CTA so your audience knows what to do next!”

While it seems simple enough, there are LOTS of actions that someone can take on social media. They can like or share your post, click your link in bio… which often includes multiple other links, DM you, watch your stories, the list goes on.

And while this isn't necessarily your fault since this is the nature of social media, it’s important that you take this into consideration and make sure you’re implementing a way for your audience to have very clear next steps, especially when you’re promoting your programs, products or services.

Unlike social media posts, blogs allow for a very clear call-to-action so that the reader is never confused on what to do next. They aren’t distracted with all of the other things they can do, so they are more likely to actually follow through with the next step defined in each of your blog posts.

4. Blogs Answer Burning FAQ’s

Like mentioned in #1, blogs allow you to create content that dives deep into specific topics that are of interest to your audience and answers their questions or provides easy explanations for difficult subjects.

The reason that this can boost your sales is because not only will you be positioned as an expert (which builds trust and credibility) with the information and education you provide, these topics will often handle objections that people also have.

When you create your blog content around the common questions / objections that people have, readers can start to qualify themselves and will feel more confident to make the next move.

5. Blogs Can Generate Ideal Leads

I can’t talk about blogs without at least mentioning SEO. While I’ve already shared my philosophy on blogs and how I don’t believe that SEO is the MOST important reason to utilize them, it’s still a very true aspect that does a great job of generating ideal leads to your website.

Think about it: when people need an answer to something, what do they do? GOOGLE 🔍

If you’re proactively answering questions that relate to your industry through blog posts, your site will become more favored by Google and you have a higher chance of attracting people who truly need what you have - versus your social media followers who may just be following for fun and never intend on buying.

While this of course can’t be guaranteed, it is an absolute possibility that, as a business owner, I wouldn’t personally take my chances on missing out on!

So, if you’re ready to boost your sales during Black Friday AND beyond, implementing blogs into your business may be the best move for you.

And the cool part? The discounts and promos may not even be necessary because when you’re seen as an expert in your industry and provide value that people actually need, they’ll likely want to buy from you NO MATTER WHAT!

If you’re ready to get started, but have no clue how to do so, CLICK HERE to download the Beginner’s Guide to Blogging For Your Business.

This 30 page guide will help you:

  • build a content bank through blog posts that you can refer to for years to come

  • create an organized and searchable home base for ALL of your content in a place that you OWN

  • be seen as an expert in your industry and become a go-to source in your community

If you need more support after downloading the guide, I’m always HERE to help!

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